Oday and Musa end of Act 1

Projection mapping transition into the garden

End of Act 1

Into Oday and Musa

Top of Show

Musa and Kev

The hospital

Just before dawn

Shock and awe, projection mapping video

1/4" scale – rear “Jersey” wall

1/4" scale full color model

1/4" scale full color model – Top

Paint Elevation – Floor

Vectorworks – Arch Unit

Vectorworks – Ground Plan

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo - Scenic Designer

Directed by David Girard
Scenic Design by John Michael Eddy
Costume Design: Marie Anne Chiment
Lighting Design: Liz Phillips
Projection Design: Michael Long
Written by Rajiv Joseph
Produced by Temple University, for the Philadelphia Fringe Arts at The Adrienne Theater

Scenic Designer